The best result from Grower to Buyer.

We’ve integrated supply for seamless service and greater returns.

Darling Group keeps the produce fresher and the returns healthier, by providing a seamless link between growers and buyers.

We work with customers to generate competitive and timely orchard gate returns to growers, while bringing wholesalers and retailers closer to our supply base. 

This integrated supply model allows us to respond quickly to changing market dynamics, better understand both customer and supplier needs, and deliver a seamless and cost-effective service across the entire chain.

Traditional values. Progressive approach.

Our relationships are based on transparency, integrity, and innovation.

As a family business, we believe in being open and honest with our growers and customers. Our grower trusts take our partnership beyond the orchard gate, sharing production and marketing chain information for full transparency.

A ‘customer led’ philosophy in market development ensures we are always in tune with consumer demand and how to deliver what is really needed. It is the strength of these relationships that helps us understand where we can innovate to add the most value along the supply chain.

That’s why we’re Australasia’s Darling. Let us be your Darling, too.


Our Extended family

Just Avocados

Our specialist avocado company, with a fully integrated service from harvesting to packing, exporting and international marketing.

J.H. Leavy

J.H. Leavy & Co. is one of the oldest established fruit and vegetable wholesaling businesses in the Brisbane Markets at Rocklea, and has been trading since 1907.

Produce Supply Chain