Australasia’s darling

The Darling Group is a 100% family owned group of horticulture and fresh produce businesses operating across Australasia. At Darling, we take only the finest produce to the world, keeping it fresh with our integrated supply system.

Our fresh produce varieties include: Avocados, Kiwifruit, Berries, Apples, Citrus, Mangoes, Tomatoes, Peppers, Potatoes, Onions and Pumpkins. Always fresh, all the time.

At Darling, we pride ourselves on being known as both friendly and approachable, whilst maintaining our excellent quality and service. We love what we do, and you will too.

The Darling Group is continually growing in size and strength, but it is – and always will be – a family company with a goal of providing the freshest produce to Australasia.